PARLUX is the professional tool used in the field of hairdressers. It was a "need" for more than thirty years in hairdressing salons and in major international exhibitions hair.

  • Secador de pelo 2800 Parlux

    Dryer 2800. Commercial dryer which has a snap-action switch cold air. Two different nozzles to direct air in a more concrete or more dispersed form. Color black. Power 1800 watts.

  • Secador de pelo 3000 Parlux

    Dryer 3000. Thanks to its power, long life, light weight, quiet motor, ergonomic design, it remains one of the outstanding models of Parlux. For professional use, matt black and red accents. Writing in gold.

  • Secador de pelo 3200 Parlux

    Dryer 3200. Small and lightweight professional use, K-lamination engine provides an output of 1,900 watts.

  • Secador de pelo 3200 ionic Parlux

    Ionic Dryer 3200. Powerful and environmentally friendly. It consists of 2100w and is made from recycled material reduces energy consumption and is very quiet. The effects of combined ceramic ions, keep the hair under control, zero frizz. It includes two diffusers, one for marking and other fast drying. It has a perfect fit thanks to its ergonomic handle.

  • Secador de pelo 3500 Parlux

    Dryer 3500. Lightweight, quiet, with only 17 cm in size, ergonomic design is ideal for professional stylists and users at home.

  • Secador de pelo 3500 ionic Parlux

    Ionic Dryer 3500. Incredibly small, but even lighter, balanced and peaceful. Ideal for the most demanding hairdressers instrument.

  • Secador de pelo 3800 Parlux, rosa, rojo, violeta, plata, negro, verde

    Dryer 3800. Lightweight, powerful and environmentally friendly. It is made of recycled materials it is the most environmentally friendly dryer on the market. The Parlux 3800 has a K-Lamination engine 2100 watts, which reduces the drying time and power consumption.

  • Secador de pelo 385 Power Light Parlux

    Dryer 385 Power Light. Has the new K-engine manufactured by Ciaramella LAMINATION®, which is more durable and power. IONIC offers & CERAMIC® device, which is essential for the health of your hair and leave your hair frizz free.

  • Difusor 3500 Parlux

    Diffuser 3500. Made of heat-resistant plastic, it is designed to be the perfect complement to the dryer Parlux 3500, and allows you to create perfect curls moving in minutes.

  • Difusor Universal PArlux

    Universal Diffuser. It fits all types of hair dryers. Non-deformable material.

  • Difusor 3800 Parlux

    Diffuser 3800. Professional diffuser is manufactured with the best materials to ensure durability. It has been designed to work with the dryer -específicamente- Parlux 3800 eco friendly.

  • Difusor 385 Parlux

    Diffuser 385. Carefully manufactured with high quality materials that ensure a long service life. It has been specially designed to be connected to the Power Light 385 ® Parlux hair dryer allows fast, precise and constant control.

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