Revlon Professional is a leading brand in the hairdressing market. Through an extensive selection of products and high-end brands they have earned the trust of stylists and hairdressers frontline.
The result, healthy hair and full of vitality that have positioned as Revlon Professional brand in hair salons worldwide.

  • Nutri Color Revlon

    Nutri Color. Concentrate of ionic pigments interact immediately with the hair. AHA fruit acids moisturize, soothe, nourish and untangle without losing volume. Make-smooth and polish the cuticle. No ammonia or peroxide. Range of 15 colors with endless possibilities.

  • Young Color Excel Revlon

    Young Color Excel. Tone-on-tone coloring Revlon Professional. without ammonia to respect and protect your long-term cabello.De also provides excellent gray coverage. Enhance your natural color with rich, bright shades. Dale extreme softness and brilliance.

  • Color Clean Revlon

    Color Clean. Color stain remover for stains caused by dyes.

  • Anti Porosity Milk

    Anti Porosity Milk. Suitable for use before any chemical treatment (color, coloring, permanent straightening) to compensate for the porosity of the hair and balance the results getting more consistent results throughout the hair. It provides protection for hair.

  • Revlonissimo 45 days Revlon

    Revlonissimo 45 Days. Shampoo and conditioner is a sulfate-free shampoo + conditioner that nourishes and hydrates hair combating dryness and characteristic fragility of hair treated.

  • Pro You Nutritive Revlon

    Pro You Nutritive. For dry, dehydrated and lacking in nutrients hair. Protein extracts formulated with ceramide. His action closes the cuticle scales and restores hydrolipidic film that protects hair from dehydration.

  • Pro You Repair Revlon

    Pro You Repair. Formulated with extracts of soy and wheat proteins for a regenerating and fortifying action of the cuticle. Suitable for rough, matt and brittle hair.

  • Pro You Color Revlon

    Pro You Color. Protector for colored hair color. Formulated with Gingko biloba extracts and sunscreens UVA / UVB broad spectrum that protect the hair from solar radioçaciones and color loss. Regenerators associated assets that help preserve color intensity longer. They provide shine and softness.

  • Pro You Purifying

    Pro You Purifiying. Detoxifying and balancing shampoo scalp, formulated for frequent use low detergent power to respect the lipid barrier. Romero Salviay contains extracts of purifying and fortifying action, which normalize sebum hair especially with fat trend.

  • Pro You Anti-Drandruf

    Pro You Anti-Drandruff. Dandruff Shampoo restores cellular balance preventing the appearance of dandruff. Restores the pH of the scalp.

  • Pro You Anti caida Revlon

    Pro You Anti Hair Loss. Gently clean respecting the balance of the hair and scalp hair thanks to its delicate surfactant base. Anti-fall action: Helps prolong the life of the hair and strengthen the hair shaft, promoting healthy and vigorous hair growth.

  • Pro You White Hair Revlon

    Pro You White Hair. Shampoo rekindle white and gray hair. Contains a neutralizer eliminates pigment yellowish brown shades and provides light silver, soft and light reflections. Sets the silver hue after several washings.

  • Pro You Volume Spray

    Pro You Volume Hair Spray. Lacquer normal fixation that revitalizes and helps to give body and volume to hair.

  • Pro you Extrem Hair Spray Revlon

    Pro You Extreme Hair Spray. Strong hold hairspray to keep your hair throughout the day giving them shine and volume.

  • Pro You Volume Styling Mousse

    Pro You Volume Styling Mousse. Foam hair fixative which provides extra volume giving more body to wet or dry hair.

  • Pro you Extreme Styling Mousse Revlon

    Pro You Extreme Styling Mousse. Strong hold foam that moisturizes the hair covering it with a protective film, improving combing both wet and dry.

  • Pro you Volume bump up

    Pro You Volume Bump Up. Adds volume to fine, limp hair. and set up the roots while facilitating the passage of the brush. provides smooth and long-lasting hold, volume and shine. Protects from hairdryer heat. It adds body exactly where you need to get the maximum effect. Hold Level 5.

  • Pro You Texture Substance

    Pro You Texture Substance. Concentrate volumizing and disciplining. Adds volume and body hair especially fine. Revitalizes and enriches the hair fiber while defines and controls the hair, both wet and dry. Hold Level 4.

  • Pro You Texture Liss Hair

    Pro You Texture Liss Hair. Define and extend straightening. Prolonging smoothing maintaining soft feel, making it the perfect choice for temporary hair straightening.

  • Pro You Texture Scrunch

    Pro You Texture Scrunch. Activator to create lasting curls perfect curls and controlling curly hair, providing maximum definition and smoothness.

  • Pro you shine Seal

    Pro You Shine Seal. Smoothes and seals the cuticle dry and frizzy hair providing a unique luster that is very soft. Hold Level one.

  • Equave Hydro

    Equave Hydro Nutritive Detangling Conditioner. Instant detangling conditioner without rinsing. Biphase light spray formula that instantly detangles and leaves hair hydrated, soft and shiny. Repairs the capillary structure of dry and damaged hair. The upper phase cares for and protects the outside of the hair. The lower phase revitalizes, moisturizes and nourishes.

  • Equave Hydro Champu

    Equave Hydro Detangling ChampuDetangler for all types of hair shampoo. New improved formula that facilitates detangling providing exceptional touch extending wet hair once dry. Its creamy foam gently cleanses and texture gel packed in depth.

  • Equave Volumizing Conditioner

    Equave Volumizing Detangling Conditioner. Instant detangling conditioner for fine hair without rinsing. Unravels in an instant fine and delicate hair, providing a natural volume and body to hair without adding weight. The upper phase conditions and provides shine. The lower phase provides hydration and nutrition.

  • Equave Blonde conditioner

    Equave Blonde Detangling Conditioner. Instant detangling without rinsing conditioner for blonde hair, bleached, streaked or gray. Detangles, repairs and moisturizes hair in an instant, leaving it shiny and silky. It combines the conditioning and the brightness of the upper stage with hydration and nutrition of the lower phase.

  • Equave 2 Phase

    Equave 2 Phase. Treatment for dehydrated or sensitized hair. Nourishes, moisturizes, protects and restructures hair acting internally and externally, providing softness, shine and bounce.

  • Equave Sun conditioner

    Equave Sun Protection Detangling Conditioner. Instant detangling without rinsing conditioner for hair exposed to sol.Especialmente designed for use in times or areas where the hair is exposed to intense sunlight. Detangles, repairs and moisturizes the hair fiber. The upper phase provides conditioning and shine, and the lower phase hydrates and nourishes.

  • Equave Kids

    Equave Kids. A range of daily care with gentle ingredients that treat the hair and scalp of 3 and 12 years niñosentre while solving problems such as split ends, dry and weakened Tangles Hair.

  • Intragen Anti caida

    Intragen Anti Hair Loss. Intragen is the brand expert in cosmetics trichology, to solve hair problems. It noted for its anticaída complex developed and patented in our laboratories, formulated from botanical origin components, which acts simultaneously on the main causes of hair loss.

  • Uniq One

    Uniq One. Uniq One All in One is the treatment that gives you 10 reais benefits for hair, that will enhance your hair dramatically, to a sublime, healthy and protected hair. The 10 real effects: repairs dry, damaged hair. Shine and frizz control. Thermal Protective. Softness and silkiness. Color protection with UVA and UVB. It facilitates the use of the iron. Detangler surprising effect.It keeps hair longer. Prevents split ends. Adds body and volume.

  • Uniq One Coco

    Uniq One Coco. All the benefits of Uniq One in a limited edition specially designed for when your hair is exposed to sun, chlorine, sea water and high temperatures. Be seduced by their irresistible aroma of fresh coconut with hints of hazelnut and vanilla.

  • Oro fluido

    Oro Fluido. THE RITUAL OF ORIGINAL BEAUTY FOR ALL HAIR SURPRISING silkiness, lightness and shine. All proceeds from the precious Argan oil, Cipero and linen ambarada delicious fragrance. A full line of luxurious formulas with color protection and suitable for any type of natural or colored hair.

  • Oro Fluido Asia

    Oro Fluido Asia. ZEN BEAUTY RITUAL FOR ALL HAIR frizz-prone. CONTROL frizz, elasticity and EXCEPTIONAL SOFTNESS. A new beauty ritual based precious Asian ingredients with a smooth texture and a specially combined to stimulate the senses exquisite fragrance. Orofluido Asia has been formulated for women with dry, rough and brittle hair with a tendency to curl, especially in wet conditions.

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