TERMIX is an innovative leader in the manufacture of utensils hairdressing business.
Their main concern has been to offer quality and service to industry professionals, based on new technologies and contributing its experience of more than twenty years as manufacturers, currently has distributors in over 80 countries worldwide.
The TERMIX products are now consolidated as the highest quality in the industry day, and has a complete catalog which is the range of brushes TERMIX well as the entire line of tools that professionals need to do their jobs full warranty.

  • Plancha de pelo slim termix

    Slim Hair Iron. Plates thinner, lighter and more manageable, with the sole aim of providing greater comfort to the user. They are ideal for all kinds of hairstyles with maximum comfort, avoiding wrist pains caused by weight.

  • plancha de pelo profesional 230 blanca termix

    Professional Hair Iron 230º. Hair irons digital thermo-ionic ceramic tourmaline-art working with our Integrated Heating with Ceramic (ICHS), a system of instant heat recovery eliminates the external moisture and texture of hair power system. Termix hair irons 230 ° are designed to protect the dyed hair, slow fading and reduce the accumulation of product, and allows the possibility to work both wet and dry hair. Available in Black.

  • Maquina corte 01 termix, hombre

    TX01 Cutting Machine. Rechargeable and compact, professional machine TX01 is designed for any type of high-precision cutting. Its technical advantages, particularly remarkable suavanzado height adjustment system of the blade, allowing greater freedom to speed about the court (1.0mm-1.9mm) and the use of high quality demateriales as its blade sharpening ceramic with high precision and durability or Li-Po battery cordless autonomy up to 90 minutes.

  • Maquina contornos 02 termix, hombre

    TX02 Machine Contours. Professional machine with multifunction, rechargeable contours accessories. It incorporates rounded leaves that allow a smoother cut around the ears and other exact contours.

  • Adaptador nuca lava cabezas termix

    Neck adapter. Fully waterproof. It fits perfectly to the wash units and produces a feeling of well-being in the user's neck.

  • Capa de corte negra pequeña termix

    Professional cutting layer. Its fabric, PVC and polyester blend make this product an indispensable part when making a haircut.

  • capa peinado evolution termix

    Evolution layer hairstyle. It has a fabric specially engineered to work color techniques. It also has an adjustable fastener that adapts to fit any user's neck.

  • Carpeta teacher termix

    Teacher to collected. Revolutionary new method to develop without any difficulty and in record time, collected and semi-collected hair.

  • cartuchera termix

    Professional holster. Ideal to have on hand all the tools and styling products. Small in size, it has different compartments for scissors, combs, brushes and even a zippered pocket so you can have clips, clamps or hairpins.

  • Peines carbono termix

    Combs carbon. Combs carbon fiber with high strength and durability.

  • Peines titanio termix

    Titanium combs. Combs with particles of titanium for strength and flexibility.

  • Peines transparentes Termix

    Transparent Combs. Combs with an attractive design for those who seek to differentiate.

  • Cepillo esqueleto termix

    Brush Skeleton. Skeleton brush designed to untangle dry, ideal to add volume in short measures and male hairstyles ..

  • Cepillo plano termico termix

    Thermal Flat Brush. By available fiber and thermal flat plate aluminum, it is ideal for preparing the hair before using the iron as the root works well and accelerates the drying process brush.

  • Cepillo para extensiones termix

    Extensions Brush. Tire brush with mixture of natural fibers and flexible nylon boar allowing dry brushing hair extensions without damaging attachment or fixation.

  • Cepillo jabalí termix

    Boar Brush. Tire brush made with natural fiber treated wood and boar hair to provide softness and protection. It is ideal for daily brushing and polish dry hair when making brush collected.

  • Cepillo nylon termix

    Nylon Brush. Brush tire spikes made from special resistant nylon hair that provide greater care. Ideal for detangling dry hair smooth and prepare the hair before color services.

  • Cepillo talco termix, fibra blanca, negra

    Brush Talc. It facilitates the removal of hair cut in the neck and face. By its technical characteristics it is very pleasant to use, and prevents skin irritations. Available in black fiber.

  • Cepillo ionico Cramic termix, ceramico

    Ionic Toothbrush C · Ramic. Brush that combines ceramic and ionic technology for durable hairstyles, no breakage, damage and signs of frizz. Thanks to technology of ceramic, the temperature is kept and distributed evenly, reducing the drying time and improving the duration and quality of hair. On the other hand, the ionic compound not only protects and prevents damage to the hair, it gives shine and softness. Diameters: 12, 17, 23, 28, 32, 37, 43, 60.

  • Cepillo evolution basic termix, 12, 17, 23, 28, 32, 37, 43, 60

    Evolution Basic Brush. Ionized brush designed with special high-performance fiber for hair of medium thickness. Brush Termix Evolution Basic is the only brush mercadodiseñado to control dehydration problems presented by this type of hair by combining the design of your tube and the specific amount and thickness of the nylon fibers ionized. Diameters: 12, 17, 23, 28, 32, 37, 43, 60.

  • Cepillo evolution plus termix, cabellos gruesos

    Plus Evolution brush. Ionized brush designed with special high-performance fiber for thick, difficult to master hair. Brush Termix Evolution Plus is the only brush market that helps to control and shape this type of hair, thanks to the density of ionized nylon fibers. These fibers are more resistant than other brushes, reduce the loading force that occurs upon drying this type of hair. Diameters: 12, 17, 23, 28, 32, 37, 43, 60.

  • Cepillo evolution soft termix

    Soft Evolution brush. Ionized brush designed with special high-performance fiber for fine or delicate hair. Soft brush Termix Evolution is the only brush market designed to prevent hair breakage and deterioration of the hair fiber due to its cross-system fine diameter fibers and nylon ionized beige microfilaments. This system allows a better grip of the hair without dañarloy providing an effect of increased capillary density. Diameters: 12, 17, 23, 28, 32, 37, 43, 60.

  • Cepillo termico profesional termix, 12, 17, 23, 28, 32, 37, 43, 60

    Professional Thermal Brush. Professional designed aluminum thermal brush with nylon fibers, ideal for all types of hairstyles. Due to the aluminum tube, retains heat during the drying process, managing to reduce the drying time as much as 50% over conventional wood brushes. Diameters: 12, 17, 23, 28, 32, 37, 43, 60.

  • coctelera profesional pequeña negra termix

    Professional Small shaker. Ideal for mixing the dye and oxidant evenly. Exactitudla measured amount of product through the built-in Oz and ml meter. Its snap system allows better control of the content.

  • Paletinas de colores pequeñas y grandes fibra blanca y negra termix

    Pallet of Colors. Thanks to its fiber, high smoothness and high resistance to chemical attack, has unaduración much higher than any pallet market. Focused design for greater ergonomics to make dye applications.

  • raqueta negra termix

    Racket. Tire brush made of thick fiber and resistant nylon. The material of the handle and the body is non-slip plastic, which provides comfort during use. Ideal for brushing and detangling all hair types dry and wet, also for curly hair.

  • Secador profesional termix

    Professional Dryer. Termix Dryer Professional has a powerful engine of long-term two-speed and four levels of heat that can regulate the temperature of the drying, adapting to the type of hair and scalp.

  • Soporte secador profesional termix

    Professional Dryer Support. Designed to have a safe place and hand one of the tools used by professionals. Made of a shock-resistant material that ensures durability. Easy to install, it can be placed either vertically or horizontally.

  • Difusor universal secador termix blanco y negro

    Universal Diffuser. It is characterized by its innovative technology and high quality. It incorporates advances as the inner filter which allows to control and minimize air flow while maintaining the temperature. Thanks to its heat distribution system more control over the hair is obtained by providing a natural volume without undoing the loop or curl it.

  • Navaja de corte profesional negra termix, hombre

    Professional knife Court. Perfect tool for cuts and paraded featuring interchangeable stainless steel blades premium. It incorporates a protective gear (W) that allows polishing contours and avoid cutting the skin. It also has a non-slip accessory that provides extra comfort.

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