Excellence is the goal of Thuya. Formed by a wide range of beauty products; treatments for the care of hands, builder acrylic nails, nail colors and nail polish permanent, the ON-OFF Gel.

  • Thuya Esmalte Classic Line

    Linea Classic. Classic and economical range of glazes Thuya. 80 tones. Ideal for resale by its low price.

  • Thuya Esmalte Gel on-off

    Gel On-Off. Enamelled express permanent application and lasting up to two weeks

  • Thuya Oil Instant

    Oil Instant Liss. Helps cuticles and nails are not flaking. With an added "plus" of Vitamin E, which prevents water loss from the skin and nails.

  • Thuya Quitaesmalte de uñas

    Nail polish remover. Remove the nail polish.

  • Thuya Liquido Primer de uñas

    Primer Liquid NailsDegrease the natural nail and allows optimum setting.

  • Thuya Top Coat On off

    Top Coat on-off UV brightness. Top Coat of semi-glazed. Protects the natural nail. Sealer finishing nail with extra shine.

  • Base Coat On-Off

    Basis Coat On-Off. Enamelled semipermanent basis. It protects the natural nail and is the layer that seals the first layer of enamel with the natural nail.

  • Thuya Quitaesmalte Argan

    Oily Vitaminado polish remover with Argan Oil. Natural nail care with argan oil that nourishes and regenerates naturally. Especially recommended for the retired On-Off Gel.

  • Thuya Tratamientos

    Repairers Treatments Nails. Treatments with specific properties for specific needs of the natural nail. Acrylic Hardener effect, color enhancer, growth optimizer, antisurcos, nail strengthener and conditioner proteins natural.

  • Thuya Tintes de cejas y pestañas

    Color dyes for eyelashes and eyebrows. Get the color of your dye is much more besides repair and moisturizes hair from damage caused by external agents bright. Special for eye area. Containing aloe vera, keratin and argan oil allowing then apply after performing smoothing his eyebrows. Dermatological and ophthalmologist tested.

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