TIGI is a professional brand of beauty products. Bed Head for the young and daring who loves being fashionable and daring to change. Catwalk for the sophisticated woman who lives in the world of fashion and gangways.

  • Re-Energize Champu y Acondicionador 250ml TIGI

    Re-Energize. Shampoo that moisturizes and enhances the brightness. Super powerful moisturizing conditioner helps strengthen the weak and tasteless infusion giving hair shine and health.

  • Recovery champu y acondicionador 250ml TIGI

    Recovery. Helps hair with lack of moisture for a massive recovery. Let this potion strengthen and give shine to your locks worn.

  • Resurrection Champu y Acondicionador TIGI

    Resurrection. Bring weak and brittle hair back to life. Formula that works in the areas most in need of repair.

  • Epic Volumen Champu y Acondicionador TIGI

    Epic Volume. Shampoo without sulphates with a stimulating volume. Add pop your hairstyle volume from root to tip.

  • Ego Boost Acondicionador sin aclarado TIGI

    Ego Boost. This repairman open / Conditioner tips without rinsing repairs and protects dry, damaged hair from environmental elements, chemical treatments, shampooing and brushing.

  • Dumb Blonde TIGI

    Dumb Blonde. A protective mixture of elements give balance and multiprocessing rinse hair for an amazing and healthy lifestyle, and our Colour LockDown Technology helps prevent fading to keep the color fresh and alive.

  • Colour Goddess TIGI

    Colour Goddess. Our Colour LockDown Technology protects the brilliance of the colors longer. Not only protects against premature loss of color, but this shampoo without sulfates also softens and brightens like no other while protecting against UVA. Conditioner stimulates brightness and smoothness, while preserving this as essential moisture.

  • Foxy Curls TIGI Hi-Def Spray, mousse y crema

    Foxy Curls. It defines and separates curls while protecting us from that to curl. Control your curls and fight frizz. Enhance your curls.

  • Superstar queen for a day TIGI

    Superstar Queen for a Day. Give your hair volume, body and lift that will not abandon.

  • Small Talk TIGI

    Small Talk. Treatments: Adds body and volume. Energizer: gives life to limp hair. Styler defines, separates and controls.

  • Control Freak TIGI

    Control Freak. Fight frizz and curl aplanta. This lightweight formula, oil and moisture resistant giving a truly lustrous finish.

  • After Party TIGI

    After Party.  After-Party cream for a silky, shiny and healthy hair looks. Controls that rebellious and crazy hair and make your hair look silky.

  • Spoil Me TIGI

    Spoil Me. Treat yourself with this smoothing anti-static product that controls frizz and offers a fixed light which does not prevent movement.

  • Hard to get TIGI

    Hard to Get. The fixed light matte finish and separate strands gives you a look slicing off the charts.

  • Manipulator TIGI

    Manipulator. Make your hair is radical: hair in spikes, or at the rasta punk style. Your style is more conventional? Dale body and texture to your hair.

  • Hard Head TIGI

    Hard Head. You set Control and relentless ... dries instantly! The more you use, the more is fixed.

  • Maxxed Out TIGI

    Maxxed Out. Use spray fixative Maxxed-Out with complex SPM (Super style. Perfection lift. Maximum set.) A unisex formula that in addition to dry quickly, and guarantees a fixed maximum brightness.

  • Wax Stick TIGI

    Wax Stick. A wax stick for those in the latest fashion. It gives hair texture and fixed instantly.

  • Mohawk Gel TIGI

    Mohawk Gel. Gel punk to stick with maximum control and set the hair on end.

  • Headrush TIGI

    Headrush. A lightweight aerosol super shine that throws an explosive shine to the hair to make it look pristine and healthy.

  • Masterpiece TIGI

    Masterpiece. Make your hair a work of art that lasts all day.

  • Your Highness TIGI

    Your Highness. Enhances volume and body while moisturizing without adding weight. It helps defend against static and unruly hair. Designed not to wear the color.

  • Curlesque TIGI

    Curlesque. Provides fixed and control for defined curls and dynamic to enhance the natural texture wave. It helps protect against moisture.

  • Sleek Mystique TIGI

    Sleek Mystique. Creates a smooth, luminous base with this luxurious sulfate-free formula. An infusion of lychee, Japanese honeysuckle and rice bran oil work synergistically, helping to soften, eliminate frizz and give hair a radiant shine.

  • Session Series TIGI

    Session Series. Add texture, definition and body while helping to combat moisture.

  • Health Factor TIGI

    Health Factor. Free shampoo ideal for chemically treated hair punished or sulfates. It Contains Healty Hair Complex with natural ingredients to nourish and repair hair from the inside.


    Smoothing. Specific shampoo that provides a silky, smooth hair with exceptional shine. Its ingredients rich in provitamin B5 repair and strengthen hair. In addition, its delicious aroma of Asian pear and papaya get a relaxing effect. It provides an impressive brightness.

  • Serious Conditioner TIGI

    Serious Conditioner. Intensive conditioner. Reduces frizz, seals the cuticle and controls and electrified hair loose, resulting in a soft, Billante, ultra-smooth and very healthy hair. Its formula includes sunflower oil gets gloss and extreme hydration. Prevents wear on the color treated hair.

  • Flat Iron Shine TIGI

    Flat Iron Shine. Thermal protector with excellent distribution and aroma. Ideal for everyday hair straightening thermal barrier. Also nourishes hair, protects from UV rays and promotes antioxidant activity.

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