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La Maison hairdressing: Paris is the inspiration both in fashion and technology. Professional accessible luxury brand is at the forefront of the technology industry. L'Oréal Professionnel is the number one choice and inspire hairdressers worldwide. Highly effective products combined with exclusive services in color, texture, care and styling.

  • Coloracion Inoa 60gr L'oreal Porfessionale

    InoaRevolutionary oil-based, ammonia-free permanent hair color. Maximized effectiveness of the permanent haircolor process with ultimate respect for the condition of the hair fiber, resulting in stunning shine and perfect coverage of up to 100% white hair.

  • Coloracion Majirel 50ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    MajirelRich, permanent color providing perfect coverage of up to 100% of white hair. Long-lasting, radiant color with rich, natural tones.

  • Coloracion Majiblond 50ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    MajiblondUltra light blonding and toning in one step for levels 5 - 9. Pure, cool or luminous warm blonde shades. Superior Neutralization. Ultra lightening and conditioning for ultra blonde results.

  • Coloracion Majirouge 50ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    MajirougePure, vibrant and sophisticated red tones with 100% coverage of white hair.

  • Coloracion Majicontrast 50ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    MajicontrastThe results allow Hi.Chroma color dye visible in natural dark hair and dark colored hair.

  • Coloracion Luo Color 50ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    Luo ColorMulti-reflective permanent haircolor. 

  • Coloracion Dialight 50ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    DialightLuminous demi-permanent gel-crème haircolor without ammonia.

  • Coloracion Diarichesse 50ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    DiarichesseRich demi-permanent crème haircolor without ammonia. Rich and deep reflects with exceptional softness and ultra-shiny result.

  • Coloracion Hairchalk L'oreal Porfessionale

    HairchalkTemporary Hair Color Colorful, wash-out formulas in 8 vibrant shades for a temporary splash of color and style.

  • Coloracion X-Tenso L'oreal Porfessionale

    X-Tenso MoisturistTransforms the rebellious, curly or frizzy hair into a smooth, silky and shiny hair up to 60 days.

  • Coloracion Tendresse L'oreal Porfessionale

    TendresseNaturally formulated for kids, Tendresse won’t irritate the eyes and is gentle on delicate skin. The rich creamy formulas leave hair feeling touchably soft, tangle-free, and smelling deliciously peachy!

  • Coloracion Vitamino Color L'oreal Porfessionale

    Vitamino ColorProtects color & repairs hair while nourishing, conditioning & boosting shine.

  • Coloracion Lumino Contrast L'oreal Porfessionale

    Lumino ContrastLumino Contrast works to brighten, repair, and enhance multi-dimensional blonde and highlighted hair.

  • Coloracion Pro-keratin Refill L'oreal Porfessionale

    Pr-Keratin RefillThe Pro-Keratin Refill range rebuild lost Keratin in the hair to reconstruct and reinforce weak, fragile hair.

  • Coloracion Intense Repair L'oreal Porfessionale

    Intense Repair. The specific range for dry hair: repairs, protects and nourishes.

  • Coloracion Absolut Repair L'oreal Porfessionale

    Absolut RepairGently cleanses while restoring the fibers of very dry, damaged hair.

  • Coloracion Volumetry L'oreal Porfessionale

    Volumetry.Volumetry professional haircare volumizing products cleanse, densify, and weightlessly condition fine hair, providing lasting volume, body and an airy finish. Discover the complete regimen from in-salon treatments to at-home hair care.

  • Coloracion Liss Unlimited L'oreal Porfessionale

    Liss Unlimited. Liss Unlimited is a complete smoothing regimen for unmanageable, frizzy hair.

  • Coloracion Curl Contour L'oreal Porfessionale

    Curl ContourThe range specially designed to provide definition and movement to curly hair.

  • Coloracion Silver L'oreal Porfessionale

    Silver. Strengthens hair and reduces the yellowing of white hair.

  • Coloracion Pure Resource L'oreal Porfessionale

    Pure Resource. Removes hair and scalp waste styling products, water impurities and excess fat naturally.

  • Coloracion Instant Clear Pure 250ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    Instant Clear Pure 250mlDandruff shampoo for oily hair.

  • Coloracion Instant Clear Nutritive 250ml Porfessionale

    Instant Clear Nutritive 250ml. Dandruff for dry hair and / or colored shampoo.

  • Coloracion Density Advanced L'oreal Porfessionale

    Density Advanced. It helps nourish the roots, restore vitality and give a sense of renewed density to thinning hair.

  • Expert Solar L'oreal Porfessionale

    Solar. It provides protection for hair during sun exposure.

  • Mythic Oil Porfessionale

    Mythic OilIndulge in the Ultimate Oil Ritual. Featuring in-salon and at-home products designed to balance the natural oil levels in the hair: cleansed at the root, nourished at the ends.

  • Seryoxyl Fuller Hair 1 cabellos natural y Fuller Hair 2 coloreados L'oreal Porfessionale

    Serioxyl Fuller Hair 1 y 2. Complete treatment anti-thinning hair. 1 for natural hair and 2 for colored hair.

  • Serioxyl Denser 920ml - anti afinamiento capilar L'oreal Porfessionale

    Serioxyl Denser Hair 90mlDaily scalp treatment for noticeably thicker hair. After three months of use: increases capillary density with 1700 new hair.

  • Serioxyl Thicker Hair 90ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    Serioxyl Thicker Hair 90ml. Daily treatment means and acting on tips for thicker hair.

  • Tecni.art dual stylers del 170ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    Tecni.art Dual Stylers. 72 hours of frizz control with anti-humidity protection.

  • Tecni.art Volume espumas y spraysL'oreal Porfessionale

    Tecni.art VolumeAmplify your style with volume.

  • Tecni.art Fix L'oreal gel y spray Porfessionale

    Tecni.art FixProducts of high precision and sharpness to fix partially and totally styling.

  • Tecni.art Wild Stylers Spray y gel L'oreal Porfessionale

    Tecni.art Wild Stylers. Create the latest texture looks.

  • Tecni.art Smooth L'oreal Porfessionale

    Tecni.art SmoothGel-cream smoothing and control.

  • Tecni.art Curl Spiral Splendour crema 150ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    Tecni.art Curl. Style your curls with definition and a lightweight, natural feel.

  • Tecni.art Shine Aqua gloss gel 150ml L'oreal Porfessionale

    Tecni.art Shine. Enhance your styles with brilliant shine.

  • Infinium laca L'oreal Porfessionale

    Infinium.The infinitely professional lacquer, backstage icon.

  • Valence 3 espuma L'oreal Porfessionale

    Valence 3Microfine long-lasting foam. It provides vitality and shine. Full control. Natural effect with movement.

  • Homme tratamiento y styling hombre L'oreal Porfessionale

    Homme. A range designed specifically for men to create unique, tailored looks. Simplicity, speed and effectiveness combine for visible, individual results for all personalities.

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