novelty: Current professional hair products.

    • Pack fibre force neceser (champu 200ml +mascarilla 150ml) cabello extremadamente dañado Schwarzkopf

      Schwarzkopf:‘Pack Fibre Force (shampoo + mask) '

      A new generation of hair repair hair for a natural quality. BC Fibre Force introduces a new dimension repair hair returning to its optimum strength and resistance to even the most damaged hair. For the first time, Keratins Micronized Hair Identical to penetrate inside the hair structure by filling the gaps in the Cell Membrane Complex, which is responsible for the hair fiber is strong and resilient.

    • Pack Pro you scrunch activador de rizos Revlon (activador rizos 350ml +  champu nutritive 350ml)

      Revlon:'Pack Scrunch (Curl Activator nutritive shampoo +) '

      Activator to create lasting curls perfect curls and controlling curly hair, providing maximum definition and smoothness. Control soft, natural curl, curls 40% more durable, protects against moisture and heat, soft curl separation with natural shine and smoothes frizz and provides definition.
      Definition and provides flexibility to natural or permed curly hair. Increases volume and shine while gently fixed.

    • Detangler copic colores Bifull, cepillos desenredantes

      Bifull: ‘Detangler Copic Colours'

      Barbed double action, without any effort unravel. Technology "flexible memory" adapts its rubber returning to its original state, which provides a smoother and ideal in the wet and dry hair brushing. Antistatic technology, extremely smooth from root to tip. Design ergonónomicamente for the palm to prevent slipping. Available in other colors: Metallic Purple, Silver, Gold, Purple, Pink, and Black Celeste.

    • Cepillo termico electrico bifull defined saphes, multiusos

      Perfect Beauty:'Thermal electric toothbrush'

      Easy, quick and versatile tool with which to achieve multiple styles and textures. Volume, definition, smooth, waves, curls ... Take control of your hair. His barbed Nylon reduce electrostatic effect and provide smooth hairstyle avoiding entanglements. Its ceramic coating provides a homogeneous distribution of heat, providing protection and outstanding brilliance to hair.

    • Moco de gorila gomina

      Moco de Gorila: ‘Gel wax '

      Moco de Gorilal with your personality is unique and have a hairstyle proof any climate or activity you do. Take care of your hair with its unique formula of zero waste and natural ingredients. Keep that lasted all day.

    • Set afeitado hombre 5 en 1 bifull necesidades de corte

      Bifull:'Men's shaving kit 5 in 1'

      5 heads offering all cutting needs: head to the nose, razor beard trimmer head hair, armpit and beard. Stainless steel blades High precision, durable and sharp. Ergonomic design for fast cutting. Base suitable for proper storage and cleaning of the various accessories.


    • Pack Oil Miracle Light Schwarzkopf (champu ligero + spray acondicionador + tratamiento ligero acabado) cabellos finos, 3x2

      Schwarzkopf: ‘Pack Oil Miracle Light 3x2'

      For fine hair and dull. Argan oil contains technology with crystal micro-emulsion formula that provides the right amount of nourishing oil in the porous areas of the hair while giving you an incredible touch softens, leaving hair with incredible shine and flexibility.

    • Oro fluido Asia Zen Revlon, champu, mascarilla, elixir, acondicionador

      Revlon:'Oro fluido Asia Zen'

      A new beauty ritual based precious Asian ingredients with a smooth texture and a specially combined to stimulate the senses exquisite fragrance. Orofluido Asia has been formulated for women with dry, rough and brittle hair with a tendency to curl, especially in wet conditions.

    • Vitamino Color Spray 10 en 1 L'oreal

      L'Oréal:'Vitamino Color spray 10 in 1'

      With its new formula enriched with UV filter is the product of spray that all quality professionals use after color treatments for his 10 benefits; Protection lasting color. Maximum brightness. Manageability. Homogeneity. Hydration. Softness. It facilitates combing. Prevents hair breakage. Avoid the consequences of using forks. Prevents frizz.

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